Keithlin Caroo-Making A Difference For Women in Rural St Lucia

Oct 19, 2018
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Keithlin Caroo Profile

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to decide to build a non-profit organization without letting ego get into the way. Keithlin Caroo, a St Lucian born decided to put people first.

Back in 2016, she decided that she had to do something to improve the lives of rural St Lucian women. That was the birth of Helen’s Daughters. Its birth was formed out of a winning proposal submitted to UN Women’s Empower Women Champions for Change Program.

Keithlin Caroo Profile

Caroo knew that an organization was needed to empower St Lucian women by providing them with the right resources and support to venture in the male-dominated field of farming.

Keithlin Caroo is founder of Helen’s Daughters. Recently she spoke with Dazzle Magazine about what it means to mobilise rural women through empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Today she and her team cater to women in rural St Lucia who are engaged in agriculture, fisheries, trades and crafts, food processing and market vending. The organization conducts workshops that teaches entrepreneurship and the intricacy of starting a business in St Lucia.

Here are a few images taken from Helen’s Daughters’ Facebook Page

There is a growing need to fund new projects and Keithlin Caroo is committed to making sure that her charity remains viable.
The Green Gold Project

For more about Helen’s Daughters check out their Facebook Page.

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