Nia Etienne Has Big Ambitions For Herself And The People of St Lucia

Jul 29, 2017
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St Lucian university student, Nia Etienne has big plans for the future. Currently she is a third year student at the University of the West Indies pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

In this interview with St Lucia’s Choice TV, Etienne talks about her experience as a university student, why she decided to study social work, some of her volunteer work in the field and her future goals. Initially she wanted to become a lawyer for the sole purpose of putting behind bars those who committed crime against children.

But after her first summer job at the Division of Human Services, she realized that social work would allow her to help to heal the lives of children suffering from child abuse. Her involvement in volunteer work particularly with social support services, influenced her to study social work at the university level.

Watch Etienne’s interview below as she shares details of her future endeavours.

And Etienne is thinking beyond social work. She hopes to be a family lawyer and perhaps in the future, the Governor General of St Lucia.

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