Why A Single Mother From St Lucia Decided That She Should Try To Make A Difference

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On a typical day Carla St.Romain wakes up at 2:30am to prepare for cooking. She meditate for 30 mins, chant some psalms and then prepare for her day ahead with conscious music.

This is a day in the life of Carla St.Romain, otherwise known as Dawta Maolee. This is not the first story about Maolee who has been Feeding the Poor in New York City for several years. But instead of repeating the many great stories and interviews about Maolee, I wanted to share her story, in her own words, by asking her a few questions.

1.What does your typical day look like? 
On my typical day I rise at to prepare for cooking. I meditate for 30 mins, chant some psalms and then I start with either Jesse Royal,  Chronixx or conscious tunes., Etana, I listen to cold sweat from my country St Lucia. I love any conscious and positive music, the type take keeps my spirit in good vibes and gets me ready to face the day.

I update my Facebook personal page regularly with positivity, prayers and motivation for those that count on it daily, I speak to sometimes hundreds online helping them with their problems and making sure to give them that encouragement that they fail to receive elsewhere.

2. What’s the most common food you prepare and how do you prepare it? 
The most popular food we prepare is fried chicken macaroni salad or pie, vegetables and rice. We also cater for people who do not eat meat also.

My daughter seasons the chicken and I leave it overnight and cook it in the morning. Which is a joy because it’s training for her so when she is older she is able to look after her family.

Everything we do is for a purpose and learning experience. The aroma in the kitchen when preparing the different meals gets you hungry! I don’t eat what I prepare but that does not mean I have to not give them what they love.

I only do chicken, no pork. Frying the chicken one side, doing the rice another then the broccoli and corn or mix vegetables. It’s like a little restaurant kitchen when we come together to prepare meals.

3. As a single mother, how do you look after your children and help those in need?
As a single parent I am fortunate to have the help of my queen and sister. As the children are in school most of the day this helps me to get the most busiest work done but as they are getting older and more aware they have become highly interested in what I do and this gives me great pleasure that they are involved in the feeding  and they absolutely love it.

We are a team when they are at home. They do everything with me and it’s good for them to know how important sharing and giving back is. I teach them about life itself and that everything is perfect in the most high time.

Time is everything when you use it the right way and nothing when you stay stagnant, so I balance everything out and make sure no matter how I’m feeling I have to keep it up because my children and many others are watching me for guidance. There’s no perfect parent but I do the best I can to show my children the right way to live.

4. What example are you setting and values ? 
I am setting an example not only to my children but to children world wide. I regularly give speeches in schools and when I do I tell the children that a little goes a long way, sometimes we are given a big plate of food and can’t eat it but you give someone just a bite an the bite has more power than the big plate. This teaches them the importance of giving and also a form of spreading love.

They will grow up knowing that a little goes a long way, give what you have freely, share with the child with nothing and sharing is caring. These are things I believe should be instilled into our children from early so they never forget because it’s programmed into them already.

Its basically building up a strong worldwide team of givers. It all starts from home, if you have extra food at home go outside and give it to the man on the corner and he or she will appreciate it.

We the people have to be for the people. I always tell my children to show respect to those people who have nothing, ask them to save at least a dime put it together and buy water and go give it out or even a sandwich if they aren’t able to themselves then ask they mom to cook and help go feed the people.

I also, tell them that poverty will be eradicated so when their children are born they won’t suffer because poverty will be over; there will be no more hungry people. This encourages them to get involved and they want to be apart of such a great movement. So installing into them gratitude, courage, positivity selflessness, unity, love and respect teaching them ways they will not depart from.

My favourite quote to my children is,

no man is better than another because we all die and go 6 feet under. 

5. What are you grateful for?
I am gratitude for the air we breathe and everything and everyone in life cause without one there wouldn’t be another

The reason why I said life and the people in it is with life you can do it all and I say everyone because everyone has something to share, we learn from each other everyday, everyone has a job to do and with life we can do it all.

We are based worldwide where in time no one will be hungry, this is our aim. We have groups of people everywhere around the world,

In St Lucia I have my sistrens Ella and Lucinda in the south for now. You can stop them and ask them information if you would like to know anything in regards to what we are doing and our future and current ventures.

In the north I have Vision, Sha and Buffy. As we get bigger and more people will be involved which I know it will happen, more ears and hands will be hungry to get information on how to help feed the masses and we will be able to provide them with the knowledge and equip them with what they need to help.

We also have Fari in Canada, we have Donisha Marley who is worldwide and where ever she lands she drops the knowledge. We have Natural Mystic in New York and Djillet who is in Queens, New York and does the same when she travels worldwide.

We are a family that gives a listening ear to everyone and feels it’s our duty to take care of the poor. This is our calling.

As I always say perfect is Jah’s time so in time after dealing with a problem man created, you either solve it because its man made or leave it alone but with us we are here to solve the problem! Mighty is Jah works. We may see it as huge problem but to the most high its just a mustard seed.

We are still recruiting soldiers to fight that battle against poverty. We call it a Revival of poverty where everyman must eat and everyone will play their part. Blessed love

For more about Dawta Maolee’s project please visit Call to Feed The Poor Facebook Page

You can also watch the video interview below
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