This Young Woman from St Lucia Is On A Mission!

There are many inspiring women in St Lucia and I want to introduce you a young lady who is on a mission to change the St Lucia and the Caribbean.

Meet St Bocasher Henry, known to many as simply Kasher. It is with great pleasure that I sit here writing about this young lady. Why? Because not only is she beautiful, talented and intelligent. She is also from my home town in St.Lucia, Canaries.

I have always been silently awed with all Kasher’s achievements to date and I decided that it was time I introduced her to persons who did not know about her and all that she is doing. Little did I know that she was involved in so much more than I knew .

Bocasher Henry was born in Canaries St.Lucia, now lives in London. She always had a love for community work because of her father. Kasher started working with different organisations from mentoring to doing programs in the community that benefited kids.

Canaries, St Lucia
Canaries, St Lucia

She started her own business, Business Diva which sought to help women back into the working world and starting their own businesses. She also started Belle Moun, a program, whose aim is to help Caribbean children to embrace their culture through different activities. She also joined the Canaries UK association 4 to 5 years ago as the Public Relations Officer and this year was given a new post as Youth Development Officer.

But thats not all, Kasher is also the Director of CityWest Leisure. CityWest Leisure was established to create and provide opportunities for people to learn, participate and work in sport and leisure associated activities, by advancing their education and by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for the recreation and other leisure time occupation, to assist a community to grow to full maturity as individuals and as members of society, and so that their conditions of life may be improved.

I will continue to be awesome in everything that I do because that is something I have set out for myself. I will continue to grow in my journey, with or without your approval.

Bocasher has a very impressive blog  which has insightful information for both women in my opinion. She seeks to inspire women to embrace their selves, their beauty, the strengths, their character to make themselves better role models for their children and their community on a whole.

I will leave you with this short poem from Kasher, which you will also find in her blog.
I will not allow you to tell me what beautiful is.
I will not allow you to aspire to something I know I could never be.
I will not allow you to give me advice that you won’t take yourself.
I will not allow your negativity to ruin my day or life.
I will continue to do my hair how I feel and do whats better for me and my life.

I will continue to stand in front of my mirrors naked and love my body. Every lump, every roll, every curve, and every mole. I will not allow you to advise me to eat less and exercise more in order to fit in with the acceptable standard of what the female body should look like.

I will not allow you to tell me to stop crying. I will cry when I’m sad, laugh when I’m happy and shout when I’m angry. I will not allow you to tell me that I cannot express my emotions, even if I don’t understand those emotions myself.

I will continue to be awesome in everything that I do because that is something I have set out for myself. I will continue to grow in my journey, with or without your approval.

This is my oath, what’s yours?

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