A St Lucian Who Loves His Country and Family With A Passion

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Danney is a St Lucian through and through, you can tell the first time meeting him. He talks about the beauty of St Lucia and his family like any proud St Lucian would.

You might wonder why reading Danney’s story is worth a couple minutes of your time. I can’t convince you but I think hardworking St Lucians like Danney should have their stories recognized and shared.

I met Danney for the first time on a trip to St Lucia in August 2016. His wife, a regular writer for MyCaribbeanScoop, kindly arranged my transportation from Hewanorra International Airport to Gros Islet. The ride from the airport to Gros Islet was filled with interesting information about St Lucia, its culture and people. He also spoke proudly about his three boys and his wife. I could tell that Danney was dedicated to his family and their well being.

As a father myself, I understand the sacrifices and hard work necessary to make sure that your kids have a better future than yours. With all the negative stories about Caribbean fathers, Danney represents a perfect example of what’s good about St Lucia and the Caribbean.

While some might see problems in St Lucia, Danney seems to look at the positive side of his country. His explanation,

“I have to believe that the future of my country is bright for my kids”

Many of us have seen or experienced our own people badmouthing our country but Danney believes that St Lucia is the best place on earth; he wears his flag proud. How could he not be proud of his country? He shows his pride and hard work every day through people who use the services of his company.

Danney’s company St. Lucia Best Experience Tours have provided many visitors a positive view of St Lucia.

But Danney is more than just a business owner, he is a husband, a father and someone who is truly proud of his country. Danney and so many other St Lucians that I came across on my trip through St Lucia, are great examples of the many good things about the St Lucian people.

I hope Danney’s story provide you with a optimistic view of St Lucia and the Caribbean. I close with some words from those who have experienced the man who most people know as Danney Boy.


Dani Boy gave us the information needed so when we went back to tell our friends about St. Lucia, we were well equipped!. What a fantastic tour he gave of the island as we got a ride back from sandals la toc to the airport

Alicia from Barbados

I had an all-day private tour with Dannyboy and truly enjoyed the personalised service he gave me of his country..His vast knowledge and jovial demeanour were among the highlights of my visit. I would recommend him to anyone!

Well done Danney Boy !

Please check out St. Lucia Best Experience Tours Website or their Facebook page for more.

Richard Williams

Co-founder of MyCaribbeanScoop.com, a passionate believer in the greatness of the Caribbean and its people. Fan of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Garnet Silk.

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