St.Lucian Teen Stabbed 56 times-The Question on Everyone’s Mind. Why?

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The body of 18 year old Marvin Anthony Augustin of Grand Riviere, was found on the Trouya Beach at approximately 1:30 pm on Tuesday 21st April. His throat had been slit. Later on, a post mortem done on the body, concluded that he had 56 stab wounds about his body and died due to hemorrhagic shock secondary to a stab wound.

But the question remains, why was he killed? It is widely speculated that Marvin was “gay” and that his murder looks like a hate crime. This is not uncommon in St.Lucia. Over the past 10 years, several members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) community have met their deaths in a similar fashion. There were the deaths of Verne Romulus, Germaine Nestor, Marcellus Augustin and the death of Ethelbert ‘Romeo’ Evelyn in Dennery. they were all openly gay and they were all beaten and stabbed to death.

Video on Marvin’s body being found at Trouya beach.
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There is, however, a mystery surrounding the death of Marvin. He was apparently lured to the beach by a Jamaican guy he met online via Face Book. Shortly before he went missing, Marvin spoke with his best friend. He showed his friend a picture of the guy he was to meet and told him to contact his mother should he not return home at a certain time and tell her everything.

When Marvin, was not seen on Tuesday morning, alarmed friends went out in search and paid a visit to the Jamaican national he was believed to have met. They became suspicious when the guy denied any knowledge of Marvin but, when confronted with evidence and threats of the police, the man took off running. It was then, the police was contacted and they made a search of the beach where they found Marvins’ lifeless body.

This has been another murder to add to the long string of murders rocking St.Lucia at present. And this one has truly shook us to the core. Marvin was said to be a quiet, loving young man, who did not look for trouble with anyone. Though he was 18 years old and should have been considered an adult, he acted in a childlike manner. That was just the way he was. His mother, friends, community and even those who did not know him, have been left devastated. May his soul Rest In Peace.

The Jamaican man wanted in connection with his murder is presently on the run.

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