Update-A Very Touching Story from St Lucia That Will Really Make You Feel Good

Jul 11, 2015
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Today, I had the extreme pleasure of visiting two wonderful ladies, Ms Geraldine (pictured above) and Ms Marjorie to hand over their food hampers. Unfortunately, Marjorie was not available due to the fact that she had been hospitalized for excess fluid. Her son confirmed that she was, however, doing well and would be discharged later on today.

I wrote about these elderly ladies in a previous article, whom I came upon during a two-week job conducting surveys across St.Lucia. I sat with both of them and listened to their stories and it deeply touched me. It also touched other hearts, who, after reading the story, contacted me and offered to help. One such person, is Ms. Nancy Charles. The General Manager of Food Center St.Lucia Ltd. She put together two lovely food hampers for them and she accompanied me to deliver the hampers

Ms Geraldine was all too happy to see us. She didn’t seem to care much for the basket, though I am certain she truly appreciated it. She was just happy that I had remembered her and I came to visit. She enjoyed the company most of all. This is what she had to say in her own words;

 I was just thinking about you the other day, and I said to myself, where is that little lady who came to see me, and I wanted to see you again. I am happy that you came today and thank you so much for bringing this for me. Come back to see me again anytime my child. I like you.

Ms Geraldine sitting beside her food hamper

I promised that I would and I will most definitely keep that promise. I was a bit disappointed that I could not meet with Ms Marjorie. Her son collected the hamper on her behalf.

Ms Marjorie Son Collecting her Hamper

I would like to thank Ms Nancy Charles for stepping up and offering her services to help. You will be rewarded in abundant blessings. And I would also like to thank everyone else who offered help in the form of passing along information to the ladies. They are truly appreciative and thank you as well.

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