Young St Lucian Man brings Joy To Many Hearts With Laughter

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They say laughter is the best medicine and I dare say that this is so very true. Amongst our many talented youths in St.Lucia, comes this young man, Joel Morris. Our very own comedian-Joel took St.Lucia by storm back in June when he posted his first video, “How Lucian girlfriends react when they see you on the phone”. This was actually the first video I saw of him and I must say that I was really impressed. His videos depict life in St.Lucia. Our attitudes and mannerisms.

I got in touch with Joel to ask for an interview because I believe him to be a very talented young man who will soon have his videos going viral. He is that good.

Me: So can you tell me a little about yourself? 

Joel: My name is Joel Morris and I live in Gros Islet. North of St. Lucia. I think of myself to be quite laid back and easy going. I am usually to myself and reserved but once I get used to someone, I open up and I make lots of jokes and I’m quite fun to be around.

Me:  Sounds much like myself 🙂 When and Why did you decide to start making these videos?

Joel: I always watch short skits online and they have always made me excited like I could do that! Well one night I was at home and I got really bored so the idea popped into my head that maybe I could give these videos a shot. I recorded a short one called “How Lucian girlfriends react when they see you on the phone” and it got an awesome reaction so then I decided to make more, and here we are!

Me: Wow that’s awesome. This was actually the first video I saw and I was really impressed. You have a great talent. You are a born natural. Can you tell me where did your inspiration come from?

Joel: Haha really? How coincidental is that! Thank you so much! My inspiration stems from several online personalities who have been doing this way before me. Local and international comedians. This St. Lucian local on instagram @Dez_tmg, i have been watching him for a while and he was one who inspired me to take the first step.On YouTube, Tre Melvin, and thisismacktv have also been inspirations to say a few.

Me: You are most welcome. Now, can you tell me about your main character? Cecilia John. 

Joel: The infamous Miss Cecilia John! Cecilia John represents all St. Lucians. She embodies the extreme stereotypes of the St. Lucian people and does so very proudly, as proud as the St. Lucian people. I never really had a name for Miss Cecilia until one night, while making the, “Since when that’s your role” video, my cousin Sami blurted out, “Not I Cecilia John” which made me laugh out loud. I decided to keep the name because Cecilia is such a classy name which makes you think of an upstanding woman, not a blunt, sharp tongued, carefree person.

Me:  Yes I do so love Cecilia. She is bold and tells you as it is. Fantastic job Joel! 

Joel: Oh I forgot to mention that I got an opportunity to work with him( @Dez_tmg) on two videos. “How Lucian Girls Act When It’s Carnival Season” and also “Lucian Girls After Carnival Be Like”

Me: Awesome! I will look up these videos. Once again Fantastic job Joel. I will take the utmost pleasure in writing about you and I am certain that our My Caribbean Scoop audience will love you as well. 

Joel: Thank you so much for the interview.I am just so happy I can make people laugh and happy in places I cannot reach that pleases me the most.

Me: You’re welcome Joel. And it should! Keep up the good work.

Joel: Thank you. Definitely will! (End of Interview)

Such a pleasant young man. His future looks bright. I would like to wish you all the best Joel and thank you for giving the time of day to have the interview with you. It was a pleasure and I will be looking out for more of your videos. Best believe that.

Let me leave you with one of Joel’s absolutely funny video;

[embedplusvideo height=”390″ width=”640″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=Ja5yqQAsQxw&width=640&height=390&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep3929″ /]

To catch more of Joel’s videos head on over to his Facebook Fan Page:

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