Jamaican Nuclear Engineer

She’s A Jamaican Nuclear Engineer | Her Story Is Incredible

Jamaican nuclear engineer, Charlyne Smith can now add that title to her name as she recently earned a PhD in nuclear engineering. In a world

Letitia Wright

Guyanese-born Letitia Wright’s Exciting New Role Everyone Is Talking About

Guyanese-born Letitia Wright plays Altheia Jones-LeCointe, one of the leaders of the British Black Panther movement. Wright stars in “Mangrove”, an episode telling the true

Krystal Persaud Guyana

Her Guyanese Parents Came To The US With $100–She Just Made Them Proud

Krystal Persaud wanted to prove to her Guyanese parents that she could make a living. She did that by founding Grouphug, where she designs and