A Tribute-Trinidad and Tobago Has Lost Someone Who Gave A Voice to the Voiceless

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Last Saturday Marcia Henville, veteran journalist, television presenter, mother and a wife, died in a fire at her home in Trinidad and Tobago. The circumstances surrounding her death is being investigated to the Trinidad police but the latest autopsy found that she was murdered.

Her death marks the lost of a talented journalist and a daughter of the Caribbean. Though she was born in Britian, Henville called the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago her home.

For several years, Henville worked as a journalist and television presenter, covering many areas of Trinidadian life, from social issues to everyday topics about Trinidad and Tobago. But she was committed to uncovering the truth.

It was clearly obvious watching her many on camera interviews, that she had a natural skill. She made the person(s) being interviewed, felt at ease; often times it was like someone talking to a friend or their neighbour.

The stories that she covered were real, the average Trinidadian could relate to these stories, even though in some cases they might not agree with the person she was interviewing. Henville covered topics that some mainstream Trinidadian media houses would shy away from. The title of her program on TV6, “Point Blank with Marcia Henville”, speaks to her vision.

Here are 5 videos showcasing the unique talent of Marcia Henville. We also include a video of two of her colleagues talking about Marcia.
[youlist vid=”hyjTFP-hqjY,Qe3KnaNC8rk,hlTcVhIClmo,dqeA13HFZ34,rq293TDM0Gc,vjTwJsuuqrc”]

We at MyCaribbeanScoop.com are saddened by the passing of Marcia Henville and as the Trinidadian police work to bring those responsible for her death to justice, our thoughts are with her family. We are almost certain that Marcia would want the truth to be told about her death.

RIP Marcia Henville


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