Elissa From Trinidad and Tobago Explains Life As A Student Pilot

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In Trinidad and Tobago female pilots are increasingly becoming the norm as more opportunities are now available. Elissa is an example of new pilots entering the industry.

The road to becoming a pilot is challenging and requires hard work and dedication. Meet Elissa from Trinidad and Tobago whose journey to become a certified pilot shows how much effort and dedication is required to take control of an aircraft.

List of Flying Schools in Trinidad and Tobago

Aviation in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC) provide aviation training to the Caribbean States in the field of air navigation services, and all other areas related to developing aviation safety and security in the region.

The CATC is equipped with 4 collapsible, configurable classrooms holding 20 students each, with electrical fittings for personal devices, 1 fixed seating Computer-Based Classroom for 25 persons, 2 Simulators, Projectors, whiteboards (multiple in each classroom), Library (print and electronic material), Electronic Examination Centre.

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