From Humble Beginnings in Trinidad and Tobago To One of the Best Tailors in the World

Aug 30, 2017
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Tailors maybe a dying breed in the Caribbean but in London, England there is a Trinidadian tailor who is recognized as one of the best tailors in the world.

More than 30 years ago Andrew Ramroop left Trinidad and Tobago for the UK, his ambition, to become a tailor. But it was not just an ordinary tailor, Ramroop had a burning ambition of becoming a Savile Row tailor.

A Savile Row tailors have a long history in the United Kingdom going back to 1846 when tailors with shops on Savile Row and neighbouring streets in Mayfaircentral London, made the finest men’s and women’s clothing or what they simply term bespoke tailoring.

Ramroop worked hard to fulfil his dream to become a Savile Row tailor. Fast forward 30 years later and Ramroop has not only fulfilled that dream but he owns and runs Maurice Sedwell on 19 Savile Row, making bespoke suits for customers around the world.

He has not forgotten where he came from or as a 9-year old in Trinidad and Tobago practicing cutting design out of old newspapers to learn the art of design. Neither has Ramroop forgotten and how a tailor years ago, hired him as an apprentice which gave him the opportunity to master his craft.

Ramroop is giving back. He is training a new generation of high quality bespoke tailors to ensure that Savile Row, one of London’s most famous streets, continues to be known for producing the very best tailors.

Here is Ramroop in an interview with London Live

And then there are a few other things to learn from Ramroop’s story

Patience is An Art!


If your strive you strive to be the very best, recognition will come naturally !

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