From Humble Beginnings, This Trinidadian Young Man Stands Tall and Proud

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Football is more than just a sport especially for this young Trinidadian. Jeroen Blugh has spent the first 18 years of his life growing up in Trinidad playing football.

There were no doubts that Blugh was a talented player. Like many Trinidadians who played the game, only a few managed to make it to the top level of the game. Blugh’s dream was to represent his country and perhaps play for a professional team overseas.

Call it luck or fate but Blugh got the opportunity to play for BU after a fellow Trinidadian sent the BU Coaching Staff a film of his team playing against a US team. BU assistant coach came down to Trinidad, watched Blugh played three games, and after that him a scholarship.

Back in 2013 Jeroen Blugh talked about his first career goal for BU.

But Blugh’s life was not just smooth sailing, he had his ups and downs too. Even adjusting to life in US was a challenge. Coming from a small island where the everday life was different from living in the US meant that Blugh had to adjust to a new culture.

Blugh has also suffered various injuries that has affected his ability to play football for his team. This young Trinidadian has remained committed to make use of this opportunity. In a few months he will graduate from university. His next journey is medical school and his dream is job is to become the sports physician for the Trinidad and Tobago national football team.

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