Music, The New Weapon Against Crime in Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad music for change

Many of us know the power of music, it soothes the mind, heals the body and for some of us provides us with great words of wisdom. But can music be an effective weapon against crime?

A large group of Trinidadian artist certainly think so. They have come together to produce a new song, with the title: ‘Stop The Crime.’

Only last week the government of Trinidad & Tobago announced that it was investing $93 million to buy six helicopters and four drones to help fight crime. There were mixed reactions to this initiative and some view this as a sign of desperation on the part of the government of Trinidad & Tobago.

But what are the real practical solutions to deter crime in Trinidad and Tobago, particularly violent crime?

Maybe music can heal these wounds or at least get to the hearts of the criminals or potential criminals.

The contributing artists on this project includes – Crazy, Ki, Blaxx, Olatunji, Denise Plummer, Prophet Benjamin, Michelle X, Baron, Singing Sandra, Neval, Stinky, Artie, Brenty, Ziggy, Chucky, Nishard M, Chris Garcia, Anil Bheem, Rooplal G, Sarah Hansson, Jeromy Rodriguez, Natalia Wohler, Veekash, Avinash, Snakey, Sugar Aloes & Natalie Yorke

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Moses Jameson

Moses is a Jamaican and loves Reggae Music. He loves sharing his experiences about the Caribbean Culture.

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