RIP Geoffrey Holder, You Proved That A Trinidadian Can Be Great In America

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On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Trinidad and Tobago loss one of its greatest sons, Geoffrey Holder who died at the tender age of 84. Geoffrey was a trailblazer of extraordinary talent. He was an actor, a choreographer, a director, a dancer, a painter, a costume designer, a singer and a voice-over artist.

Not many Trinidadian know this but Geoffrey “Uncola” spot for 7UP proved one of the best ads of the 20th century, a remarkable achievement for a Trinidadian. This Trinidadian has left a positive mark on the world and I think the six (6) videos below shows the greatness of this man.

[youlist vid=”cMV7F5s3Gh0,5cnO18g0F4Y,aoJ3vk9_PgQ,BANoFruxqzY,LLVNVqJqfp8,dvZd4ld8Tt4″]

RIP Geoffrey Holder

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