In Trinidad and Tobago Don’t We Have More To Worry About Than A Public Official Allegedly Smoking Some Weed

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Alleged Govt Minister Smoking Weed

An alleged youtube  video of Sports Minister Anil Roberts smoking weed in a hotel has been making big news in Trinidad and Tobago. Obviously this is no surprise that this is big news but shouldn’t Trinidadians be worrying about other major issues than an alleged politicians smoking di weed.

Personally I would take my chances on the road with a weed smoker, over anyone on a cell phone, or texting, while driving or a cold blooded criminal pointing a gun at me.

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We all know that alcohol is worse in every conceivable way, yet it’s legal. The number of murders in Trinidad and Tobago is on the rise. We don’t a weed story to draw our attention away from the major issues.

Maybe this story will be a wake up call for the government of Trinidad and Tobago; it is time to seriously move towards legalization of marijuana so that adequate resources can be put towards dealing with more serious criminal activities. Until then we will be talking about weed stories and not about the real issues.

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