Trinidadian Leaves Lucrative Medical Job To Start His Own Restaurant

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When you walk into Flambo Restaurant, the first thing you hear is Trinidadian steel pan music. Then you see the colourful costumes from Trinidad and Tobago which reminds you of carnival.  And finally depending on how hungry you are, comes the aroma of delicious Caribbean food.

Flambo Restaurant is owned by Anthony Logan and his son Kevin. But this is more than just a restaurant, this is place where Logan can express his love for Trinidad and Tobago through the dishes that he prepare for his customers.

The dream of owning a restaurant was planted in 2003 when Logan on the way to a job interview, stumbled upon an abandoned building in Philadelphia. For years Logan worked at his day job in hospital administration and save money towards transforming what was once a crumbling building into a beautiful restaurant.

Watch as he shares his story with CBS Philadelphia.

Here are some of the comments that customers had to say about Flambo Restaurant;

  • “It’s not just another Caribbean restaurant – it’s a real Trini restaurant in Philly”
  • “You get a greeting of a family reunion rather than your usual waiter-customer hello”
  • “This place was amazing. The main door looks like the front door of a house and then inside is a beautiful staircase which gives you a very home-like feel”

Moses Jameson

Moses is a Jamaican and loves Reggae Music. He loves sharing his experiences about the Caribbean Culture.

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