What These Trinidadian Magicians Did Is Simply Amazing

Apr 12, 2014
1 min read
Trinidadian Quick Change Act

Do you believe in magic? Well watch what these two Trinidadians did on Steve Harvey Show and you will be amazed. We all know that some women take forever to get ready but not in this case.

In just a few second, Rae Ann changed into several outfits and they all look stunning. It look so easy, almost like a snap of the finger. What was even more amazing was that Rae Ann and Sterling, trained in Germany to learn the quick change act in just 2 days.

Rae Ann and Sterling perform with the UniverSoul Circus, a single ring circus founded and run since 1994 by Cedric Walker. It currently contains 75 performers and 12 acts, two of those acts are made of up Trinidadian performers

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