Trinidadian Randy Kangal: Cooking Up A Successful Food Business

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Within a few minutes of meeting Randy Kangal, you can sense his passion for sharing the unique flavours of Trinidadian food.

A few weeks ago I met Kangal when I stopped by his restaurant located in Toronto, to grab for the second time, bake and saltfish. In my brief conversation with Kangal, I learnt more about the food business in Toronto than I ever knew before.

Three years ago Kangal who hails from the town of Curepe located in Trinidad and Tobago, set up the first Caribbean food truck in Toronto, Canada. From his food truck, Kangal serves goat rotis, oxtail, and his signature doubles, with extra spice.

Where did it all started?

Rangal didnt say but I guess in the town of Curepe, where doubles was born (according to Kangal). When you think of the unique nature of Curepe, I have no doubt that this place has had a huge influence on Kangal.

Today Kangal owns  two fully equipped food trucks servicing the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas and recently opened walk in restaurant located in mid-town Toronto. That is remarkable for someone who started cooking from and delivering food his kitchen.

However, one should not discount the hard work that is required to maintain or even grow a food truck business. Back in 2013, Toronto TV Station, CITY, featured Kangal’s food truck

Although Kangal is cautiously growing his food business, the sky is the limit. In the meantime, whenever I get the chance I will be taking a bite out of his delicious Roti or Doubles.

Check out Randy’s Roti official website for more details of what’s on the menu.

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