After we watched this video online, we were not sure whether we should bring this story to light on our website. However, maybe it is time we seriously start to talk about how Caribbean parents discipline their kids.

Many Caribbean adults have been exposed or experience some form of discipline by their parents, for some it has been harsher than others. In fact there is a saying “Don’t Spare the Rod and spoil the child” that is used throughout the Caribbean. Some opponents of spanking a child have even rephrased the saying to “Spare the Rod and Nurture the child

The video below shows a mother disciplining her daughter for an act that she felt needed a more serious type of discipline. We have decided not to make any judgement here on the side of the mother or the daughter as there are always more to a headline story.

Caribbean mother whips her daughter, 12, with a belt for posing semi-nude on Facebook

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