Who Should We Blame for Crime in Trinidad and Tobago? These Stories Might Provide Answers

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What exactly are the reasons behind the spate of violent crime in Trinidad and Tobago? I have read many blogs and articles and even TV shows that points to a culture of violence as the root cause.

I am not disagreeing here completely, but my point is, is this the only reason for violent crimes in Trinidad and Tobago? Should we blame the individual or society for crime?

Perhaps the first answer is to listen to those who commit crime in Trinidad and Tobago. This film goes inside a Trinidadian Juvenile Detention Centre (Youth Training Centre) and uncovers the stories of three young men, remanded for crimes ranging from larceny to murder.

Their gripping testimonies make the case that social factors such as an inadequate education system and family neglect contribute to the problem of crime that continues to plague the youth of this small Caribbean island.

Moses Jameson

Moses is a Jamaican and loves Reggae Music. He loves sharing his experiences about the Caribbean Culture.

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