Young Entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago and PhD candidate-Changing The World

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Kheston Walkins is a young entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago and a PhD candidate in Molecular Genetics.

Walkins is developing a tool for data driven cancer diagnosis. Kheston’s core interest is in health technology and as a User Experience/ User Interface Designer, he uses these skillsets on a current project that focuses on the development of a clinical and home care tool for aphasic and stroke patients which is intended to solve challenges with proximate as well as remote communication.

In 2010, when Kheston Walkins was pursuing his undergraduate degree in medical neuroscience, he discovered a passion for graphic design. He decided to start his own company, but was discouraged by friends who didn’t understand why he was taking the risk.

“Most people in Trinidad are risk averse — they want the lowest risk but the highest reward,” he explained. But Walkins wasn’t like that. “I don’t mind taking calculated risk … because I see it as a learning process.”

Walkins proved his friends wrong by launching Raiora Data Services, a digital publishing and marketing company. Located in his hometown of Chaguanas, the company offers design, videography and language services throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

This year Walkins has been selected to attend the Young Leaders of the America’s Initiative, 2016 (YLAI) by the United States State Department.

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Story adapted from original story at Could an app help the speechless communicate? This Trinidadian thinks so

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