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Best Inspirational Caribbean Videos

Awesome, hand picked collection of the best inspirational Caribbean stories through videos. Get inspired by inspirational people from the Caribbean.

Everyone could use some extra encouragement these days especially given what we have endured in 2020.  Most Caribbean people continue positive and optimistic.

In this post, we have compiled some of the best inspirational and motivational videos from the Caribbean or about Caribbean people. We are demonstrating just how powerful and evocative great video content can be and how they can provide us with a positive view of the world.

Motivational and inspirational videos are successful because they make people feel a certain way. And emotion almost always inspires action. They can encourage viewers to support a cause, buy a product, and even change their perceptions.

A husband and wife team, for the past 5 years have been providing assistance to the people of Fyrish Village in Guyana-all from their own pockets. [More Details]

The husband who is a Guyanese and the wife who was born in London, UK, have decided that they wanted to help the less fortunate in Guyana. Funded solely from their own pockets, this couple demonstrates the power of giving without expecting recognition or awards.

Akeem Brown is not your typical Jamaican teenager, he is passion for farming is unique among his peers in Jamaica.[More]

At age 13, Brown is an example of the potential to develop a strong base of Jamaican farmers who can help to keep the culture of farming in small communities across Jamaica. Instead of viewing Brown as a kid without direction, his family and friends see him as a bright light and a future entrepreneur. Perhaps in the future, Brown will be running a large agricultural enterprise.

Helping Poor St Lucians Is His Biggest Passion [More]

Eleven years ago Gaspard Henry started “Feed the Poor Ministry” to fulfill his passion to make a difference in the lives of the poor and less fortunate in Saint Lucia.

For those who know Henry, most will describe him as being humble and a devoted Christian. It was his faith in God that directed him to his current journey. In an interview with St Lucia Star back in 2013, Henry explained how the idea to start his organization came about.

Why Create Inspirational Caribbean Videos?

Inspirations videos get people talking about issues or build awareness. There are so many powerful, moving, and inspiring stories out there just waiting to be told.  But most of our media focuses on the negative stories about the Caribbean.  We at would like to help change how the rest of the world perceive us in this region.

Staying Positive

Because we all want to move through life gracefully, we are moved, inspired, and motivated by others who persevere.  Caribbean people’s optimism is fueled by witnessing what others intrinsically do to make the world a more beautiful place for us all.

Our media feeds us a constant diet of what is bad about the Caribbean.  We hope this platform will help us as a community to celebrate the best of the Caribbean.  It is our sincere hope that these stories will go out into the world and be a channel of positivity for us all.